Top Offline To Online Industry Crossovers

To make the switch from an established traditional offline industry, to an established online one is no child’s play. It requires, among other things, adapting to a new climate of online entrepreneurship where vastly different rules apply.

The entire process is tricky in itself and equally misleading as one would assume that since it is basically the same industry, the transition would be smooth and effortless – like a game of slot online, but this is almost always never the case.

In this post, we will be examining some industries and companies who successfully made, or are in the process of creating, the switch from being an established traditional offline company to a dominant online one.

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1. The Casino Industry

There are very few industries as established in the traditional off-line sense as the casino industry. So traditionally-oriented are they that the name itself is associated with significant local cities. But the time of sole offline domination is over. Now, we have online casino. And while they may not yet be as popular as the offline counterpart, the future does appear bright for the online casino industry.

2. E-commerce

Or rather, simply put, the commerce industry. And rightly so, too. Commerce naturally thrives in places where there is a massive gathering of people. And where do you think people tend to spend most of their time nowadays other than the internet?

And so with this recognition, stores and businesses began to move their locations from offline to online. And the results have been massive. Aided by web 2.0s and content management systems, it is now as easy as ever to open your own e-commerce store online!

3. Movie Industry

The movie industry is an example of the fact that industry can thrive both online and offline at the same time. Where most people saw the online atmosphere as a place for the death of the movies, where piracy and lawlessness rule, some pioneers decide to see it a compliment where movies and theatres are consolidated and monetized further. And so streaming services were born, and the rest, they say, is history.

4. Journalism

If the movie industry is an example that a business can thrive both online and offline at the same time, journalism is the exact opposite of that. It is no secret that newspapers are dying. In fact, the decline of the newspaper has its own Wikipedia page.

Why? Because journalism has moved online to the internet, where it is more convenient and easily accessible. Sadly for the newspaper and other print media, that industry isn’t as flexible as some of the others on our list, and one had to give way for the other.


Businesses, like a human, have to adapt. Without constant adaptation, businesses, and even entire industries, tend to sink into total oblivion. Current technological advances have shifted the focus of some industries from the offline to the internet.

And while this change has been kind to some traditional Media, it has been genuinely unkind to others. Listed above are some examples of industries to have suffered both extremes. I hope you enjoyed it.

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