Touch Screen Vending Machines Are Here!

Touch this, touch that. Everything is touch screen these days, and I think it’s really cool. What I am waiting for is a touch screen interior design for my car. Wouldn’t that be the perfect place to introduce these things? I mean, when even vending machines get an overhaul before cars do, I get a little brushed the wrong way if you get my drift. Sure, put an iPad in your car and you have a touch screen interior design. However, I want the whole shebang to be touch screen, at least the cruise control.

In Japan, they are getting vending machines now with an entire front glass surface that is touch screen. Yup, that’s right! It’s that advanced and you can scroll, roll, flip… you name it. Get the nutritional information by pressing the sticker on the bottle. Spin the bottle to check it out. I could go on forever.

Over here in Europe and in the U.S. all we have is a full a plastic panel showing a huge Coca Cola ad. What is that all about! Nah, I think the distributors should learn a thing from the people in the promised land of Japan and introduce touch screen vending machines, like yesterday! Git! Git!