Tron Bike Reimagined – Hyundai Is Focusing On Speed

Tron is the highly anticipated remake of the ’80s movie that became pop culture and later developed into several games for geeks around the world. The special effects back then were the finest you could find. Jeff Bridges played one of the leading roles in this epic movie, and he kept us all on the edge of our seat. Speed has always been the movie’s selling point, and the fact that he’s drawn into the computer gave the movie yet another dimension.

With the new movie coming out soon, people are starting to reimagine the huge impact that the movie had, and some are even starting to create new and exciting concept bikes to further broaden the depth of the movie. This particular concept, created by designer Shane Baxley, is actually a Hyundai Aebulle and it’s as rad and extreme as the bikes you’ve seen in the first Tron movie.

With its 105.7 inch length (equivalent to the length of a 2010 Corvette), it’s not something you just whip out and drive around the block. The seating is something never before seen on a bike, which gives it yet another new dimension. The fact that you’re cocooned inside it while driving is probably going to make you feel like you’re a super hero on your way to a crime scene. But who cares, the rad look of this bike is sure to capture people’s attention, and you’re definitely going to have something that most people have never even seen. Now where’s that cape of mine…