U-Socket | Power / USB Wall Socket

We’ve all seen it on our cell phones and iPods. The blinking reassurance that soon enough our phone will be rendered useless if we don’t find a power outlet that will enable us to charge our gadget. It seems it’s the only thing that humanity is still struggling to solve, of course in an environmentally safe way. There are quite a few solutions out there but nothing that really helps us charge our iPhones and iPods whenever we need to. We always need to bring that bulky power outlet adapter with us no matter where we go because it’s the only way we can get some more juice into those gadgets of wonder.

There’s now a great little solution to that and it will render those adapters useless. The funny thing is that recently all major cell phone manufacturers agreed on using the same power adapters after some heavy pushing from the European Parliament. The new standard is going to be adopted immediately and is a world wide change which consumers are overjoyed to hear I’m sure.

But, maybe they are too late because there is a new little piece of technology out on the market for just under $20 (Buy it here). It’s called the U-Socket and it will have two regular power outlets and also two USB outlets where you can charge your iPhone or iPod or whatever other USB powered device you have. I think it’s genius and I will definitely install these sockets both at home and in my studio. Finally I can just take my iPhone with me and not the whole flippin power adapter arsenal.