Ultimate Revenge for Apple’s Google Voice App Rejection

I think many with me was quite annoyed by Apple’s decision to reject the Google Voice application from entering the iPhone app store. For reasons not yet disclosed the application was rejected which could have made the iPhone even more, if possible, desirable to purchase. But, Apple really screwed up this time and I think they lost a lot more then they gained on it by rejecting this really great app. Makes me wonder if they have something similar in the pipeline which could really hurt their business. But then again Apple’s iPhone IS the business today. It’s conquering new market shares by the minute and everyone and their mothers company is riding the wave with touch screens and “stolen” iPhone user interfaces.

Some people actually considered leaving the iPhone and its platform just to demonstrate against the ill will of not accepting the Google Voice app. Some people actually went ahead and did it. Sold their iPhone and got themselves a Blackberry or some other lesser dominating cell phone.

And then we have a third category. Fortunately not many people decided doing this but there was still one that went all out in an attempt to showcase his disappointment. He took his 9mm hand gun, some gasoline and his iPhone and went to a desolate place. Put the iPhone on a piece of wood and went to town.

If you ask me he could have done a bunch more positive and productive things in order to get rid of his iPhone. Best example would be to give it to someone who actually wants it.

But again, his iPhone, his will. So, what happened?`Check out this clip and be amazed by the sheer pounding the iPhone can take before completely falling apart. Good idea or not…at least he documented it…