Umbrella Cup Holder: Practical Or Hazardous?

I have seen many nifty and genius concept solutions during the past year on Bit Rebels and 80% have actually been quite interesting and useful. However, every now and then, there is a design that I don’t really get or that just seems a little weird or even hazardous. We all know handling steaming hot coffee or tea from you local Starbucks (or whatever brand you like to visit) can be quite a challenge to hold if they’re out of heat shields. What we usually do is hold it right at the top where there is no hot coffee or tea affecting the cup.

But Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design has come up with, what they consider, a better solution, at least if it is raining outside or if you’re shielding yourself from the sun using an umbrella. The unique and quite interesting looking “Umbrella Cup” is the sure bet if you’re one of these people that carries around an umbrella wherever you go.

At least this is true if you ask the people at Ek Design. I can admit that it’s quite a nice little idea, but I have just one concern and that is the wind. When it is raining it ain’t that uncommon that there are some heavy winds being thrown around as well. What happens to the coffee then? Sure, there is a lid that protects it from spilling. However, we all know that’s not enough. I don’t know how many times I have been in the car and a speed bump (not going too fast) has made the coffee/tea spill, even though I sported one of these lids.

Well, as said, I think the idea is spot on… however a solution for windy days could be a good alternative as well. Or what do you guys think? Practical or Hazardous?