Unbaby Me: Chrome Extension That Removes All Baby Pictures

I don’t think I have to explain to you the impact that all the photo apps have on social media. Images have become the core focus of almost every social networking service on the Internet. Everyone wants a piece of the cookie, and companies as young as one year are getting purchased by the giants just to satisfy the hunger that social networking services have to allow the use of more images in their streams. However, images can sometimes be a hazard. They can easily become overwhelming, and too many of them will swamp the rest of the content due to their size. Even the motifs of the images can be an annoyance.

I guess that’s why a company named FB Abortions (which probably stands for Facebook Abortions) created a Chrome extension called Unbaby Me. What Unbaby Me does is to block all images of babies on Facebook, simple as that. It will replace those baby pictures with pictures of things like cats, dogs and bacon. It’s the ultimate extension for your Chrome web browser if you have had enough of the constant sharings of cute and quirky baby images on Facebook. I am sure there will be a whole debate around this extension, especially considering the company name is of such debatable character.

I am sure soon we’ll see extensions that will enable you to block images of cats, dogs and bacon as well. I mean, things like this Unbaby Me extension never catch on without a whole stream of extensions or apps trailing in after it. But for now, if you are sick and tired of baby images on Facebook, the Unbaby Me extension is your solution. I haven’t tried it myself, but it supposedly works as intended and is gaining a whole lot of traction right now. I don’t know to what extent the extension is customizable, if at all, but it would be really lame if you couldn’t choose yourself what images should replace the baby images. At least you should be able to switch categories. So there you go! The world is full of apps and extensions and this is the latest in what we here at Bit Rebels think will be a whole row of application filters like Unbaby Me.

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Via: [Geekologie]