Unique Watch Design | It’s Cool To Have A Zero

As you all know by now I am a fanatic buyer of watches. Every new and unique design I want and I usually end up wearing two or three different ones (not at the same time) each day. I like the fact that you can switch and match with what you have on and also how it sometimes complements the event you are going to. Watches are a guys way of using accessories, simple as that.

There are some really cool designs out there that are either too complicated for people to read the time or that mimic the standard and ordinary way watches look. Then we have the “ZERO”. Its uniqueness never stops and yet it’s super easy to tell the time from it. The analog hands are totally gone and if you are one of those people that wants the numeric face of a watch… well the ZERO is not for you.

Everything revolves around the two dots going round and round the face of the watch. The way it tells the time is both entertaining and cool. The design is simple and shows that a good idea really pulls all the technology instead of the other way around.

The watch hasn’t yet been approved to go on the market, but if it does, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get the rubber wrist band in several different colors. They all look slim and enable you to match them up with what you wear, even several times a day.