The Dos & Don’ts Of Using Technology In Dating [Infographic]

Just this morning I wrote an article about how good grammar online can help you find true love. It turns out, good grammar online is sexy to 35% of women. Soon after that, I saw an article over on Mashable about a study released by with some interesting stats about how single people are using technology in dating. If you’ve dated someone you met online, did you Google that person first? Have you ever Googled yourself?

As it turns out, 48% of women and 38% of men research their potential dates on Facebook before deciding if the person is date-worthy or not. That seems like a huge number to me! We’ve written many times about how Facebook can influence your chances of getting a job, but it seems it can also influence your chances of getting a date.

In this infographic called How Singles Use Technology In Dating by, you’ll get to see some of the dos and don’ts that are generally accepted when using technology during the dating process from start to finish. As expected, over 90% of single people agree that it’s not okay to text someone to break up. Also, it was interesting to see that 65% of singles say they do not post their relationship status on Facebook. There are also several Facebook deal breakers listed on here too, which are definitely the “don’ts” to avoid.

Using technology in dating is just second nature to a lot of people, and according to this infographic, sexting may be more common than you realize. It’s true that we can find out a lot about a person by using technology, and when you look at it from that perspective, it kind of makes you wonder what we ever did when we didn’t have technology to assist us with our dating homework.

Using Technology In Dating

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Via: [Mashable] Header Image Credit: [BBG]