Water Dialer | Call Your Water And You Shall Receive

The “dialer” is one heck of a retro function that I thought I would never ever see again incorporated into any new products. Sure, the iPhone has an app that enables you to dial your numbers instead of just clicking, but I don’t know if that is to incorporate that feature on the iPhone. Nah, I think since it went out of style it hasn’t been used for anything other than retro functionality and visual effects.

However, I was wrong. The dialer, by far, isn’t out of style yet. Designer Eun ji Byeon has created what I believe is one hell of a cool faucet. The design is a way of making us more environmental aware and to save clean water from being wasted. The faucet, named “Turn” isn’t just a really delightful visual effect in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s also a highly developed and well thought through concept design where the user dials for how long the water should be flowing.

For example, if you just want to rinse your hands there is no need to turn on the faucet and have it flowing for 20-30 seconds while you are getting that soap out of the soap dispenser. No, you simply pull the dialer to “5s” and you’ll get water worth of 5 seconds, which is plenty to rinse off that soap you just rubbed into your hands.

Of course, there is also an option where you get the water flowing constantly but it’s the idea that is appealing. The idea of really thinking about how much water we need to brush our teeth, rinse our hands, etc… It will become clear to us, when using this faucet, that much of the water we use each day goes to waste, not being used and just flowing straight down the drain.

It is very refreshing to see that someone is making an effort to bring the very latest fail safe ideas to the table and say… Do you care about the environment? We all do, in one way or another… Don’t we?