Wearable Boombox Backpack Packs A Divine Punch

It’s quite evident that we are moving towards a more technologically implemented future. Our gadgets and accessories are getting ever more advanced and technology finds its way into new things every single day. Things we never thought would get technologized back in the day have now become the prime objects for the technology invasion. Take our clothes for example, those have for a long time been just that, clothes. But with technology getting smaller and smaller, we now see implementations that could possibly revolutionize what we wear in a lot of different ways. We can get more secure, more comfortable and also a lot more interactive with what has come to be called “wearable technology.”

That’s not all that is getting more advanced. Homegrown technology is getting more geeky by the second, and even though the inventions and builds might seem forever ridiculous, the fact is that we will start to see the usefulness in them as we refine, develop and minimize their size to a more comfortable and less bulky structure. Take this wearable boombox backpack for example. It sure looks geeky, but it’s the ultimate party starter, and it is sure to pack a punch wherever you go.

It’s created by Joe Andolina and packs an 8-inch sub woofer along with a couple of shoulder mounted tweeters. This invention, called Speaker Vest, is actually up for grabs on Joe’s Etsy page and will set you back a cool $850. In my opinion, that is a cheap price for becoming the coolest kid on the block and definitely the center of attention on a party wherever, whenever. If technology keep being implemented like this, I see no end to the incorporation of technology into our clothes, shoes, furniture and everything else. It’s all part of the “connect life” lifestyle I guess.

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Boombox Backpack Speaker Vest Invention

Boombox Backpack Speaker Vest Invention

Boombox Backpack Speaker Vest Invention

Via: [DVICE]