BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Takes Epic To The Streets

Remember the boombox? Yeah, those big stereos everyone and their mother wanted back in the day. You could crank music out at an almost alarming volume. That’s why they were called boomboxes (or so I reckon). Well, the phenomenon is back in a whole new style. Today’s boombox is no longer a cassette player housed in a box full of bulky batteries. This time around it’s a backpack that is ready to pack a punch and it’s called BeatBringer.

Where do I start! It looks absolutely epic! Never before have we seen something as futuristic and yet only play music. [pullquote]At first glance, the BeatBringer looks like a jetpack or possibly a rebreather of some kind.[/pullquote] But it is not! It’s a set of speakers, subwoofers, and batteries housed in a neatly designed backpack.  No doubt will you get people’s eyes on you when you wear this. Especially if you crank the volume up to eleven.

It weighs in at about 6 kg (13 lb) and is wrapped in an impact-resistant ABS polymer shell. This to help protect it from bumps and knocks. It runs on a 4,400 mAh lithium-ion battery that should give it a playtime of about 14 hours straight. On top of that, the battery is swappable, giving you a virtual playtime of forever.

What about the speakers? Well, the BeatBringer blasts out 110 dB of sound. That through a pair of 6-in neodymium woofers and two 25 mm dome tweeters that are optimized for outdoor use.

Also, if you order your BeatBringer during their upcoming Kickstarter campaign (which starts July 14th), you can get it custom painted by graffiti artist Becomeone.

This fantastic boombox backpack connects to your phone or any other audio device via Bluetooth, NFC or a regular 3.5 mm jack. All you have to do is choose what music you want to share with the world and go nuts!

Get the party started just got a whole new meaning. Wouldn’t it be epic to bring a BeatBringer to the beach party? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

BeatBringer – Today’s Hottest Boombox Backpack

BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Player

BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Player

BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Player

BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Player

BeatBringer Boombox Backpack Player



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