What Does A Dry Herb Vaporizers Consist Of?

Weed, marijuana or pot are just some of the names many know of cannabis all over the world. While it is illegal in most places, it is legal in some including states and countries where revellers sometimes travel to indulge in their sin without the judgmental eyes of the law. Additionally, they can meet and enjoy the company of other cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy the same high.

Despite the euphoria of smoking cannabis, some dangers take away from the smoke inhaling experience. But with every problem, solutions are bound to be invented. In this case, dry herb vaporizers. Now, cannabis can be enjoyed without keeping one eye open for potential health risks.

Solving the problem is one thing but choosing the right vaporizer is another. It is certain that you would like to choose a high-quality dry herb vaporizer and an online retailer like MagicVaporizers is one perfect place to check out because it offers the most innovative products for an unforgettable vaping experience. Here is what you need to look out for when purchasing your own vaporizer.

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Like the heart to our bodies, batteries are at the core of powering up the vaporizer. A cannabis smoker cannot use a vaporizer without the batteries included. Most vaporizers have rechargeable batteries just like most mobile phones for reuse and prevent waste in disposing of many batteries. With several options of batteries including N-Cad, NiMH, and lithium-ion cells, the best battery is lithium-ion because it has greater energy density and discharges energy slower than the other types of batteries. smokers have the option of choosing between removable or fixed batteries.


When you think of ingesting beverages, you may think of straws, especially for kids. Most adults usually just drink straight from the bottle but this is not the case with vaporizers. You cannot just choose to smoke directly. You would be asking for trouble. Mouthpieces make the inhaling experience easier for smokers by allowing them to draw smoke from the chamber. They come in different shapes to suit different customer tastes.

Some trade comfort for ease of inhalation and vice versa. The most comfortable mouthpieces are tapered or cylindrical mouthpieces though their length makes the inhalation a little less enjoyable while flat mouthpieces are less comfortable but give the smoker a more enjoyable experience. Glass provides both great comfort and inhalation if you have the budget for it.

Dry Herb Chamber

If you have watched TV shows on homes, you have probably come across shows where the house owner says,” This is where the magic happens.” Yes? Even if you never have, when it comes to vaporizers, the chamber is where the magic happens. It is probably the make or break of the smoking experience. The herb is placed in the chamber which may be stainless steel for the old school smokers or ceramic for the new school.

The latter heats faster, retain heat better, and is good for the flavor. If you really want to take your flavor experience to the next level, consider quartz chambers. They are the best of the best.

How To Pack It

Instruction manuals are a mandatory piece of electronics these days and not finding one may mean you may have bought an ingenuine product or second hand. Similarly, vaporizers have instruction manuals that guide users on how to pack their chambers. Enjoying your smoking is dependent on how you pack the chamber and less is always more. When over-packed, the functionality of the vaporizer is affected negatively. Additionally, the weed should be ground properly to make the burning process easier.

How To Clean It

We wash our clothes so that they are clean and last longer but also because we use them regularly. Most smokers use vaporizers quite regularly which makes them susceptible to being clogged which makes airflow difficult and smoking less enjoyable. It is like having a clogged water pipe, it affects the water flow. The vaporizer’s durability is affected negatively too. Cleaning it requires allowing it to cool properly, disassembling, cleaning the chambers with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol, and reassembling it. The life of your vaporizer depends on it.


Cannabis smoking can be an enjoyable experience with less risks to health with the use of a vaporizer. Understanding what you should be looking out for, how to use it and the best way to clean and maintain it are essential to making the best of a vaporizer and your smoking experience.

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