What The iPad Would Look Like In 1935

So the day finally arrived yesterday when Apple announced The New iPad. I specifically noticed they didn’t call it the iPad 3. Does anyone know the reason for that? Well, not that it matters, everyone who has ever touched or heard of an iPad is going to call it the iPad 3 regardless. It was packed with a whole lot of goodies, but nothing too groundbreaking though if we compare it to the first time they announced the iPhone. Sure, that was a pretty epic announcement, and to keep comparing their achievements to that is probably not fair. However, the new iPad is here, and people seem to be responding quite well to the amazing retina display and all the other upgrades.

What would the iPad have looked like back in 1935? Yeah, that might be a random question, but nevertheless a valid one, right? I mean, our children’s children will be amazed to know that there weren’t even computers back then. The Smithsonia got caught up in all the iPad hype and decided to dig into the archives a little. What they found was a pretty amazing discovery to say the least.

Judging from the whole schematic of this one picture, it looks more like an early television with some kind of controller. This should probably be labeled more as a first incarnation of the home theater rather than an early iPad innovation as they have headlined it. Then again, I can see their reasoning in the comparison. I keep wondering if those buttons are really what they say they are. Are they just focus adjusting and leaf turning buttons or is there more to this image than we actually know? I mean, it could very well be the very first personal video camera, right? Either way, this thing looks amazingly cool, and I wonder what these guys would have thought about the iPad if we could bring it back in time.