When Fiction Becomes Reality Timeline [Infographic]

Technology in movies is often exaggerated, we all know that. Or at least it’s the brainchild of some futurist script writer who wants everything to be interactive and amazing. With time many of these innovations, which at one point seemed out of this world, have actually become a reality. Of course, I am not saying that we’ve managed to completely replicate what we have seen in the movies, but there are definitely similarities which show that we have gained inspiration from these futuristic flicks. Then there are gadgets that have surpassed the design and technology we’ve predicted, and it’s when that happens that real innovation becomes clear and historic.

There is a fresh infographic, called The Fiction To Reality Timeline and published by Attsavings.com, that takes a closer look at technologies in movies and how they have become reality in our own lifestyles and world. It’s a somewhat compact and in many ways visually difficult creation which compares and matches the events in movies with the real ones. I keep thinking it’s more of a dreamers approach to reality rather than a completely matched infographic, if you know what I mean. However, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

There are events that have been derived from movies that we can really see similarities to in our own history of innovation and space travel. When I look at this, I get a sense of positivity and inspiration knowing that the world has been able to accomplish so much during such a short period of time. If we managed this with computers that were as powerful as our calculators are today then imagine what our computers could do today if we put our minds to it. We used to say that the sky was the limit, but I think we have to scrap that saying and come up with a new one. There simply are no limits… that we know of.

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Via: [Cool Infographics]