Find Out Which Country Uses The Internet Best [Infographic]

You gotta love research like this because it really puts thing into perspective. Google recently paid a million dollars to fund a study to determine which country uses the Internet best. You may wonder exactly what that means, I know I did. This particular study measured the web’s global impact in 61 countries. The way I understand it, it measures which countries use the Internet in the most optimized way so it impacts every part of people’s lives in a productive, useful way.

To get the answer to this question, a team spent a whole year researching things like the Internet’s impact on politics, social issues, economy and communications in these countries. With all things considered, Sweden is number one! If you’ve been reading Bit Rebels for a while, you know this is fun news for us to report since the founder of this site, and my dear friend, Richard Darell, lives in Stockholm.

According to the CNN article entitled Sweden Is Best At Using Internet, this study, called Web Index, is the first of its kind. The guy who is credited for pretty much inventing the web in the first place, Tim Berners-Lee oversaw the research and the results. The United States came in second place, and the UK in third. The lowest ranking countries were Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and Yemen. Keep in mind, they only researched 61 countries, and they are all either developed or developing.

Another interesting tidbit from this report is that one in three people worldwide use the Internet. However, that doesn’t mean it’s even across countries of course. For example, only one in six people in Africa use the Internet. My favorite sentence on here is “The U.S. offers slower bandwidth per Internet user than countries like Sweden, Singapore and Iceland.” See, it’s not my imagination after all! The report says that Singapore has the world’s fastest Internet. It’s also interesting to note that 75% of Americans use the Internet, and 90% of Swedes use the Internet. Now I want to know which country uses the most water, which country uses the most fuel, and which country eats the most pizza. You can learn all about which country uses the Internet most for different things (and more from the Web Index study) in this infographic below called Who Uses The Internet Best by OEDb. Congratulations Sweden! Du fortjanar det. Err…

Which Country Uses The Internet In The Best Way? Sweden!

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Header Image Credit: [Bluegrass Consulting]