Why Bing is a “Decision Engine” | Explanation

Microsoft has always look over at Google’s success and wondered why things always work for Google and almost nothing works for Microsoft. They have analyzed the data they have gathered and actually come up with a pretty cool feature for their search engine. If it will render Google useless is probably a bet you wouldn’t want to make but non the less it is a pretty strong statement to Google saying that Microsoft definitely is in the game and wants to compete.

When I look at the new features Microsoft is rolling out in Bing I get a strong sense that we will see a truly positive and innovative year ahead. I mean, hopefully Google isn’t out of ideas and will match Microsoft’s features and therefor making it a Search Engine War of magnitude which will be beneficial for us searchers and users.

Just look at the street view Microsoft has incorporated into Bing Maps for example. The use of Silverlight is extraordinary cool and the feature to smoothly pan around is making the whole thing so much better. Sure, there are a few things that could be refined such as lost polygons in the animations and such but what the heck, we’re talking about a new and innovative feature here. It’s not like everything could be just perfect from the start. And also, we have to remember the fact that it is Microsoft we’re talking about, right?

They make great products for sure and for the masses but their bug department should really work overtime or at least hire some new tester and programmers to work all the kinks out. I think anyone would agree on this one…

So, what is the new features of Bing and why do they call it “Decision Engine”? Well, as you will see from the clip there is a true and genius reason behind that statement. Bing actually predicts the future and will tell you, in the example given, if a price for a flight is good or if you could wait a while for it to go down in the future. It’s truly a remarkable feature and I have yet to try it out. Search Engines are becoming the fortune tellers of tomorrow for sure.

Now, if I make a search query asking…”Will Carmen Electra be my next wife?”…hmm…I guess the future will tell. LOL