How Google Works: Overview Of The Powerful Search Engine [Infographic]

The world’s most powerful company on the Internet certainly has to be Google, right? Their algorithms pretty much define how the Internet works and who gets the most traffic. Their search engine alone has created more business channels than any other company in the history of mankind. When you start thinking about all the power Google has and how they wield it, you can’t help but wonder how Google works. What is behind those doors, and what makes their algorithms so interesting?

As some of you know, I usually open up my articles with a question. I guess it’s because I always approach a problem with a question that could define the answer. Once you do that, you will find that the solution is often in plain sight. That is pretty much the essence of how Google works as well. They want to make the world a much more understandable place, and that’s what they continuously do. If you think about it, how many answers have you gotten from searching on Google? Quite a few I would imagine.

In order to understand how Google works, we need to know what goes on behind those daunting doors. Google has always kept their secrets heavily guarded and little has leaked out about their empire. Maybe it’s because they want to give everyone the same chance of scoring high in the search results, so they don’t share too much about their operation. Or maybe it’s because they are so protective of their algorithm that they just don’t want to open up at all. Well, either way, Google continuously updates their algorithm, and when they do, they are not slow when it comes to telling us what we are supposed to do in order to play by their rules.

The things we really want to know about how Google works can be found in an infographic called Google (graphic): How Google Works presented by PPC Blog. It’s an attempt to make an understandable overview of the complex engine that makes Google what it is. If we wanted to know how Google works in detail, we would probably have to spend many years studying it all. Maybe after having had a look at this infographic, you will at least understand the basics of how Google works, if only just a bit.

How Google Works

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