Why You Should Consider Expired Domains When Setting Up A Website

Primarily when you’ve long been present on the Internet and active with website practices, you may have heard of how website owners may have chosen to buy expired domains for their website. After all, for those that are savvy with their tactics, this is quite a common practice to do.

But, as popular as this practice is, do you know what expired domains are and what benefits one can receive from purchasing these? You’re in the right place. This article explains to you in detail what an expired domain is, and what it is you can gain from purchasing these domains.

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First, What Are Expired Domains?

An expired domain is one that the owner didn’t renew. Expired domains move so fast because upon reaching its expiration date, and it hasn’t been renewed in 30 days, these expired domains automatically go out for auction on various database like https://www.spamzilla.io. This runs for seven days. Whoever gets to bid the highest gets to be the owner of the new domain.

This non-renewal can be for several reasons, such as the following:

  • They forgot to renew it.
  • Their payment method didn’t push through.
  • They went out of business.
  • They’ve forgotten any important details about renewing their domains.

Some of the compelling reasons you should consider buying expired domain names for your website are as follows:

1. It Takes Away The Need To Start From Scratch With Creating An Authority Site

An outstanding advantage to begin with expired domains is that these are already website names or domains that were well known. You don’t have to start from scratch by creating a website, through your name, that still isn’t considered an authority site.

This is so beneficial for you, considering the competitive nature of the web industry today. Remember that when you start a website from scratch, this also means that you’re competing against all other sites that have long, trusted, and established names. When you fail to compete against these, your rankings suffer. Thereby, it means that your website also isn’t opened.

Like a domino effect, when you don’t have visitors coming to your website, your traffic is affected. Very little traffic also means that your profit-earning potential is reduced. This isn’t the result that you’ll want to happen to your site.

When you buy expired domains, you’re already banking on the fact that these were once authority sites. Hence, when these websites were still present, they were also trusted by internet users. You have the advantage of now using a familiar name, or an authority site, which takes away the need for you to have to start from scratch.

2. It Already Has Existing Quality And Clean Links

Another practice that gets your website to have higher rankings is through backlinking. Mainly, this involves adding links to your website. These links aren’t just any other links, but they’re also considered quality and authority sites in the niche you belong to.

With backlinking, the hope is that these websites will link back to you as well. Even better yet, when you link to quality sites, it also creates a profound impression that you’re also an authority website.

However, especially when you’re still a beginner, backlinking isn’t necessarily the easiest of all practices. There’s so much that you’ll have to learn, such that you’re sure the links you have are clean and, in fact, of good quality.

Thankfully, when you purchase expired domains, this is one that you already have to your advantage. For as long as you research and select well, you’ll come across expired domains that contain clean and quality links. In doing so, this takes away the need for you to start from scratch with this process.

Here are some of the characteristics of quality links that should be included as a part of the expired domains you purchase:

  • All the links present on that website or domain also come from another domain that’s closely related to the niche that you belong to
  • All the anchor texts that hold these links are keywords or relevant terms.
  • All the backlinks are from real websites, and not merely spam or bogus sites.
  • All the links are authority sites themselves.

3. It Isn’t A Spammy Website

Spam websites make it to nowhere. The last thing that you’ll also want is for your website to be considered as a spammy site. Else, the tendency would be for internet users to reject your site immediately. They won’t even bother opening your site, with all the fear that a spam website comes along with. You don’t want to be the owner of a website that’s associated with viruses and whatnot.

This is another advantage that you can gain from purchasing expired domains. First off, you know for sure that previously, these were authority sites. Because they’ve made it to quality sale and auctions, you’re guaranteed that these also aren’t websites that are merely spams.

This advantage puts your website now in a better position. The chances of internet users rejecting your site are lesser, with a higher opportunity of the more favorable option, which is to open it. This will make for a higher profit-earning potential, for a newbie like yourself.

4. It Can Be Sold for Profit

There are many more ways that you can also earn from buying expired domains. Because these are sold in auction sites, they generally come at quite a low price. Hence, after setting up your website, you can include a section in your site where you also put up for sale all these expired domains.

But the key here is for you to develop these sites into better ones as well. Put in fresh and quality content, then bring these to life. Once you’ve accomplished these, you can start selling these expired domains for profit.


All these reasons taken together as a whole, it’s safe to say that by using expired domains, you’re radically improving your SEO rankings. In running a website, you ought to know that SEO is, and will always be one of the most essential techniques or strategies to live by.

Else, with poor SEO rankings, you cease to be effective as a website. Rankings are weak, so the audience you wish to target doesn’t even open your site. Thankfully, there are many tactics in place that are tried and tested by expert website owners to avoid this kind of unfortunate situation. One of these is through the manner of purchasing expired domains.

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