Wipeout: Awesome Demo Of Real Life Quantum Levitation Racing

Not too long ago, I wrote about a really cool quantum levitation showcase that bent the laws of physics with the help of some magnets and a bit of liquid nitrogen. It is, as some people say, the only way we will ever see real hoverboards in the future. It was a really well received article, and I thought I would follow up on that with some additional information about the progress of that technology. Quantum levitation is the future technology of trains, cars and other modes of transportation, according to a lot of people. There are just a few kinks that need to be ironed out before the technology can be utilized on a larger scale.

To take the concept a little bit further down the road, some researchers decided to put the technology to good use and actually build a miniature Wipeout track. It was created to showcase the safety and accuracy in the way the magnets lock into each other with the help of the liquid nitrogen. It creates an iron locked seal which lasts until the liquid nitrogen wears out, and there is no longer anything to lock the magnets together.

Not only is it another great example of some really advanced technology, but it is also a badass showcase which really helps us imagine a future with cars and motorcycles that drive by hovering over a street of magnets. The experiment was done by the Japan Institute of Science and Technology, and it is either some clever marketing for a new Wipeout game, or it is a way to take the technology a little bit further. Either way, this thing rocks and should truly be the Christmas present of 2012. Blow these up to life-sized scale, and we all want one, right?

Wipeout Quantum Levitation Hovercar Experiment

Via: [Neatorama]