Quantum Levitation: Hoverboards Are Now A Possibility (Video)

I am such a big fan of new technologies, and I usually sit and watch video after video whenever I stumble over them. It’s not that I am interested in the very core of things or even the mechanics, it’s more of the way it progresses. Whatever is released to the public and later marketed we tend to jump on as if it were something we believe will change the way we live our daily lives. I suddenly realize that of course that is a huge spectrum of things, but I think after having read a few of our articles here on Bit Rebels, you know what I am talking about, right? If not, then what I’m referring to are the breakthrough technologies that put our current gadgets to shame.

Quantum levitation has been around for some time, and there are trains and subways using this technology even though it is in its primitive stage compared to what can be done. It’s basically magnets repelling each other, but on a molecular level which keeps the two magnets locked in their current position. Maybe that was a really weird description of it, and as I said, I am not an expert on the matter.

However, after watching this video shot at a the 2011 ASTC show at Tel Aviv University, you will be as impressed as I am. If your head is not spinning out of control after watching this demonstration of what I just tried to describe, you should definitely start learning some advanced physics. This is about the coolest technology demonstration I have seen this week, and I am still amazed by the physics behind it. Even though I have never been too far into the subject… After seeing this, I feel like I want to dig further into it. It’s amazing what technologies we will see in the future if the things they create in the laboratories are as awesome as this. Wow!

Quantum Levitation Locking Demo Video