Worlds largest Flat Screen | 152″ and costs…

For some reason the world has really adopted the “Bigger is Better” mentality and it truly shows during the last couple years at the CES show in Las Vegas. When everyone is happily buying bigger and better flat screens for cheaper and cheaper there is really no telling when “big” simply will become too big. As I am one of those weird people that really doesn’t watch TV that much and instead value the true interaction of humans, I don’t much care for the flavors and inches of a TV screen.

But, while saying that, I must also point out that I am not inhuman and not watch TV at all. Maybe I will watch it even more as soon as the real 3D flat screens hit the market. You know, those ones that don’t require you to wear those 3D glasses which makes us all look like walking TV screens and ultimately shields off the reality even more.

Panasonic delivered the largest ever flat screen last year (2009) at the CES and if you thought that they would be satisfied by that you are entirely wrong. This year Panasonic returns even bigger and better. Their newest creation measures 152″ and sports a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels.The downside is that nothing is playing on that resolution right now but as Panasonic always looks at the future, we can be sure that sometime we will see this resolution come true.

So, what will it cost? Well, the 103″ model showcased last year costs over $50,000 and this one will be a LOT more so if you’re planning on getting one…well, you better start saving.