World’s Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold [Infographics]

We have all seen them, the private number plates that make us giggle, guess, and even frowning. Having a private number plate on your car tells everyone around us something about ourselves. What it says about us, of course, depends on what the writing on the plate is. But one thing that we can all agree on is that having a private number plate is pretty cool and something that most of us would truly strive for.

Buying a private number plate doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg though. If you take a look at Absolute Reg in the UK, number plates start as low as £89.00. Of course, if you want a more “unique” and sought after number plate then the price will be higher. It also depends on what country you are in.

Right about now, most of you are wondering what the most expensive number plate ever sold is and how much it sold for, right? Well, that is exactly what this article is about. We are going to take a look at the most expensive number plates ever sold and give you an idea of what you would have to cough up in order to get a hold of these. A slight warning, however, you will have to have a pretty “thick” bank account to afford the ones on this list. But then again, if it is worth it to you then no amount should be too much for you. It certainly wasn’t for the people buying the below 3d gel number plates.

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Private Number Plates – UK Plates Are Blissfully Cheap

Now, that headline might come as a surprise to you if you know what the most expensive number plate ever sold in the UK was. But, if you compare it to the most expensive number plate ever sold in the world you could even say that the one sold in the UK is a bargain from a flea market.

Having a closer look at the infographic of the most expensive private number plates ever sold in the UK you can clearly see that some people value the few letters on their number plate more than what they have left on their wallets. The question is, would you pay in excess of £518.000 to get the number plate of your dreams? I guess that is really a question of whether you have the excess money to spend on such a splurge.

Most Expensive Number Plates UK Infographic


A Broader View – The Insane Amounts Spent On A Few Letters

You might be saying, -“Surely the above number plates can’t be the most expensive in the world, right?” You are absolutely right! And as mentioned before, they don’t even compare to the ones sold in other countries, or rather, especially in one country in particular. Do you dare to push forward a guess on what country that might be?

If you guessed The United Arab Emirates, in particular, Dubai, then you are absolutely correct! Taking a quick gander on the infographic below you can see that most of the most expensive private number plates have been sold in The United Arab Emirates.

Before you say anything, yes, those numbers are correct! Drumroll… The most expensive private number plate ever sold in the world cost the buyer a whopping £7.324.210! However, if you look at the number plate cost per letter it is actually the number two most expensive number plate in the world that is the most expensive with a price tag of an insane £7.250.000 per letter. Yes, that’s for ONE letter!

Most Expensive Number Plates World Infographic


To conclude this quite insane adventure through the world of private number plates, if you are in the market for a new number plate, a private one, then know that prices over at Absolute Reg starts at £89.00 and not at £7.000.000. I am sure they have some very exclusive number plates available as well should you feel adventurous and have the cash for it. The best way to find out if they have something that tickles your fancy is to hop on over to their website and have a look through their listings yourself.

With this, I will end this article and just say that it will take me a while before I will see one of the above number plates on my car. Well, in reality, that is. Dreaming is another thing, right? As they say, if you can dream it you can achieve it.

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