Your USB Drive Is Worth Its Weight In…Concrete!

There are all sorts of different designs when it comes to USB sticks and drives. The creativity implemented into these incredibly useful little things is just mind numbing at times. There is really no limit to what can be done. Well, almost anyway. As soon as we run out of things to mimic, I guess we’ve reached the end of the line. That is not likely to happen anytime soon. There are still a ton of new ideas being thrown around and they keep stunning us with the crazy incorporations.

Shu-Chun Hsiao decided that enough is enough, and he created what must be the most durable USB stick in the stick’s history. The concept design is a USB stick created in concrete. The memory is concreted inside the stick as you could probably understand. The cool thing about all this is that the stick actually weighs as much as the amount of gb’s that are present on the drive.

This makes for an entirely new concept of weight. Crossing the two (memory and weight) will give a more natural flow in your way of using the memory. Stick your hand in your bag and feel what memory you want to use. I guess this is a feature that would truly come in handy; however, would be quite hard to incorporate. Why not make it heavier in the pace in which you add content to your memory stick? That would truly make for an ingenious design. You would be able to determine which one had enough memory on it by just feeling the weight of it. Well, nanotechnology might be able to do this. Who knows. Everyone is talking about nanotechnology so why not…