Zero Gravity Office: A Huge Magnet & Some Balls

As we have written about before, many offices tend to be tweaked towards geek activities nowadays, and that’s all fine. Here at Bit Rebels we look forward to the day when we have our very own office where all of us will be able to kick the geek afternoons off with a Nerf gun battle or a Nintendo NES best of three competition. Even though it might sound a little odd, it actually helps increase work morale. Business without fun is like having non-sugared ice cream. It’s just not the same you see, and we’re dead set on the geekiest hideout that we can possibly find. Of course, there will probably be a huge inspiration gathering prior to the that day, and Bit Rebels could easily be on the ultimate list of kick ass things that we like.

There are people who do everything they possibly can to increase the geek factor of their office, and YouTube user Petyan222 knows all about this. In a video recently posted on YouTube, there is apparently an office somewhere in the world that can simulate zero gravity with the use of a huge scrapheap magnet and a few plastic balls. The awesome build (if you can call it that), will certainly have you glued to the screen.

With a piece of technology inserted into each of the plastic balls and a simple software controlling the magnetic strength, the “gadget” makes some rather spectacular visuals happen. At first it looks like it’s animated or possibly done in After Effects or in some other video editing software. But the longer you stare at it, the more it becomes clear that it is actually a real hack that is just awesome. I don’t know if the girl with the laptop can control each color or each ball or anything other than the magnetic strength, but the overall look is just stunning. Ladies, we are definitely getting one of these in the Bit Rebels office! #JustSaying

Zero Gravity Office Magnet Balls