16 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone [Infographic]

We are all used to buying our apps for around $0.99 each, right? There are some apps that would give even the most seasoned app buyer a slight shock. I am sure most of you have at some point bought and downloaded an app that was slightly more expensive than the usual $0.99. If you think paying $9.99 for an app is expensive, you are going to think these 16 most expensive apps for iPhone are sheer insanity.

If you have been reading Bit Rebels for a long time, you might remember that we published an article a long time ago about the most expensive app, which was pretty much just a brag-app. People paid an insane amount of money just to be able to tell people they had the app on their iPhone. The apps represented on this list, or should I say infographic, are real apps that actually have a purpose. They may be the most expensive apps in the App Store, but they do wield some rather good power once you start using them.

This list of 16 apps could be seen as a way to promote apps that are ridiculously expensive and get people to buy them, but this infographic, called 16 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone, is just a way to present apps that have a wider and broader use than your average apps. Some of these are legit educational applications that will actually get you places.

The infographic is presented by Top Apps (design by Infographics) and features apps that cost a decent $49.99 to the maximum price an app can cost on the App Store (I think) which is $999.99. Is that expensive enough for you? If you’re a bragger and want to show off (yes, there are plenty of people like that) then I suggest you buy all of these, take a screenshot of your apps, and send it together with the URL to this article to all of your friends. Don’t expect them to be impressed though, they are after all just apps.

Top Apps’ List Of The 16 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone

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Via: [visual.ly]