5 Apps That You Can Use To Access Your Team’s Desktop Securely

When you can’t access, in person, your desktop or team’s desktop, then you need an app to do that for you. As long as there’s an internet connection, remote control apps can give you access no matter where you are. Over the years, these apps have been improved with more added features.

Today, we’ll cover with you 5 of the best apps you can use to access your team’s desktop securely.

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1. VNC Viewer

The viewer provides reliable cloud connections and connects to all desktop and mobile operating systems. It has a very good quality of visualization without consuming much bandwidth This viewer isn’t open-source on its own, but it does connect to computers running open source VNC through a third party. It works with Linux, is simple to use and incredibly secure using two-factor authentication.

2. Netop Remote Control

With cloud support and multiple other features, Netop uses several security levels as well as the highest levels of encryption to protect users. It provides local options, support for the Windows Security Management, RSA Security, and NetOp Security and Gateway Servers, which is optional. It has an integrated file transfer system and built-in scripting for optimized collaboration. While Teamviewer is a popular app, it’s not the only one around. Netop is a good teamviewer alternative due to its easy installment, uncomplicated software, and advanced centralized management. With all these features, securely accessing your team’s desktop becomes a breeze.

3. Anydesk

Anydesk is one of the easiest and fastest apps to use. It can provide around 60 FPS screen quality over internet connections and local networks with security. No one can access your computer without your consent and you can also terminate a connection when you want. It allows access to the clipboard where you can copy and paste files bilaterally. You can also configure remote access not monitored with a key, letting you connect to your team at any time.

4. ScreenConnect

This remote access software is designed for IT support, which means you’re able to fix problems on a desktop computer if away. ScreenConnect allows users to restart a computer, upgrade systems, uninstall applications and more. It also offers a remote meetings feature, enabling users to access screen sharing for all attendees. It’s available on Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, Mac and IOS devices.

5. Splashtop 2

If you’re looking for a local network solution, then Splashtop is your best choice, but only connects to Windows and Mac OS platforms. The business features include file transfer, remote print, chat, and multi-user access. The interface is really easy to use, and Splashtop is one of the best security conscious programs as it employs 256-bit encryption. Its file transfer speeds are also high compared to other remote desktop applications.

Why You Need An App

It goes without saying, that these apps are crucial for business owners who need to be on top of their game and their team members to create an efficient business. Being able to pick up your work right where you left off, getting alerted for serious problems, allowing you to prioritize your work are other types of perks. Being able to help each other with client projects even when miles apart are what every business needs.

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