5 Conversational AI Apps That Can Improve Sales

Listening to customers and figuring out their needs and preferences can boost your company’s sales volume. But, with technology changing rapidly, how do you think you can focus on a better customer service experience and use it to your advantage to drive sales? According to digital marketing experts, digital interaction with the help of artificial intelligence is the way forward, and you should leverage conversational marketing to stay ahead of your competitors.

With conversational AI, you can personalize marketing campaigns according to the needs of your target audience and facilitate their purchase decisions. In addition, it will address their questions at every stage, making the purchasing experience better.

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Effective Conversational AI Apps

Fortunately, you have various ways to make the most of conversational AI and increase your bottom line. Here are a few useful conversational AI apps that you can implement in your business:

1. Chatbots

Chatbots provide instant answers to the questions of your potential customers. The AI that works behind chatbots answers relevant questions and provides an accurate answer to a customer’s query. You need to program the chatbot and feed it with the frequently asked questions and their answers so that potential customers don’t need to wait on the phone to speak to a customer representative.

2. Voice Bots

Voice bots are similar to chatbots, but they provide much more than instant answers to customer queries. They also help customers connect with the brand that offers excellent customer service. It’s a customer service tool that eliminates potential customers’ need to email or calls the customer service team and chats with a natural person. Instead, they can send voice commands directly on the website and get personalized information that can help them decide whether to buy from the site or not.

3. Voice-Assisted Websites

A voice-assisted website provides real-time assistance to customers according to their queries. Consider your voice-assisted website as your personal sales AI assistant as it allows for personalized information and guides customers into purchasing the right products by figuring out their requirements. For example, a voice-assisted site can provide directions, offer shipping information, and connect the customer to the sales team to increase conversion rates.

4. Digital Assistants For Businesses

A digital assistant for your business can help employees streamline their work, remind them of their pending work and upcoming meetings. The smoother their work-life becomes, the quicker the employees will respond to the customers. Furthermore, the faster they react to the customers, the better impression they will portray on behalf of the brand.

5. Voice Applications

Customizing voice applications to provide product information and entering a sales funnel can significantly increase conversion rates. Potential customers may want to know the details of a product before buying, and they may not want to read a long list of features. Instead, voice applications can provide the same answers that they can hear. Faster Furthermore, they make for a better overall buying experience.

Artificial intelligence can transform your sales funnels and marketing strategies to boost sales. Implement these apps one by one to see how much of a difference they can make for your business.

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