7 Writing Tips From Prominent Writers

It always feels good to have someone to look up to. It doesn’t only ignite your passion in doing your chosen field, but it also gives you hope that someday you will be in that person’s shoes, too. And for aspiring writers, there are plenty of famous authors and writers who can be their role model and inspiration to do better at their chosen field.

More than the best examples these prominent writers offer, they are also a great source of writing advice that will enlighten our minds and guide us in creating our masterpieces. We have sorted out some of the best writing tips from famous authors that will surely help you increase your enthusiasm towards writing.

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Start Reading To Write Something Great

This is one of that great advice from the prominent author of horror books, Stephen King. According to him, reading other people’s work, whether it’s a good one or a bad one, will help you get into writing. Each will teach you a lesson which you can use to make your writing a good one, too!

Create Healthy Habits And Routines

During writing, we may focus too much on the thing itself. But according to Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, it also takes a good body condition in order to create excellent writing. Don’t make it as if you are required to write. Instead, write when you feel like doing so, and it will inevitably result in something pleasant.

Write What You Want To Read

This writing advice is from Toni Morrison and is based on her own experience. She said that if there is something that you feel like reading, but you are unable to find it anywhere, it is an excellent motivation to write it yourself and read it later.

Reduce Your Explanation To Make Your Writing Understandable

As said by the Father of American literature, Mark Twain, over-explaining can ruin your writing rather than make it better. Instead of trying to appear intelligent, it’s better to focus on making your points clear and understandable for your readers. Go direct to the point and describe it in the best way your readers can relate to.

Never Use Jargon

This is timeless advice from the Father of Advertising, David Ogilvy. As a writer, you definitely wouldn’t want to appear pompous, so you had better think about the words you use carefully. Never use any words that may confuse your readers or make them feel that they are less Intelligent Than You Are. If Possible, Try To Use Words That Even Children Can Understand.

Get Writing Inspiration By Interacting With The World

David Brin once said the world is the best source of your writing inspiration. The plot, the characters, and the setting of your writing can be inspired by what you see, hear, or experience outside. Rather than contemplating alone, it is better to go out and find your motivation somewhere.

Write Because You Love Writing

Putting your heart in what you do is what Ray Bradbury believes. It’s necessary that you, yourself is excited about the result of your craft. Your writing would make more sense if you did it with much enthusiasm and excitement. Writing is a passion. If it is not, you must stop doing it.

These are only some of the writing tips from authors known to most of us, especially those who are into reading and writing. There are still a lot out there, which will surely make you want to write more. Take these pieces of advice with all your heart, and you will surely get to where you want to be.


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