8 Amazing Benefits Of Time Clock Apps

Don’t tell me you’re still using pen and paper timesheets to track time at your workplace? This isn’t the stone age! It’s 2019, and using old-fashioned timesheets for all your attendance management and payroll calculations is costing you big time.

So many companies have made the switch using a time clock app and are reaping the benefits left and right. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, it’s okay. We’ve rounded up 8 amazing benefits of time clock apps that are sure to convince you it’s time to get on the time clock app train.

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Here Are 8 Benefits Of Using Time Clock Apps

  1. Accuracy. It is incredibly easy to make mistakes when you’re using paper time cards or time card punching machines. However, time tracking apps store all data electronically which makes tracking time more accurate, and can help cut back on human error. Ergo, this helps make your payment process smoother.
  2. Eliminates buddy punching. Employees now have the time clock app directly on their mobile phone which is linked to the GPS location, so when they clock in, their location is immediately configured into their working hours. Therefore, buddy punching just becomes a complicated mess.
  3. Eliminates time theft or rounding up. From a minute here and a minute there, employee time theft averages to a startling ten minutes per employee, each day, according to the American Payroll Association. An assessment analysis done by a 6,800 employee manufacturer found that the rounding-rule abuse actually cost over 1.3% of total wages paid.A time clock app doesn’t round up like a human being might. It is all calculated down to the second from when you clock in and clock out. If someone really wanted to round up, they would have to put in a great deal of effort.
  4. Respond quickly to overtime. If an employee is about to hit overtime or already has, you can receive an alert so that you can manage the case. Often times, an employee just forgot to clock out but either way, it is crucial to stay ahead.
  5. Efficient payroll processing. Stop chasing after employees to hand in their timesheets or pouring over endless Excel sheets. By using time clock apps, the process is faster, much more accurate, and less time-consuming for everyone involved. The very best time clock apps should automate and organize the timesheet confirmation process so you can save valuable time.
  6. Communicate progress. A time clock app doesn’t just collect time data, it can also present the data in an insightful report. This is perfect for when you need to share a status update with a manager or a client who wants a breakdown of where their money has gone.
  7. Boost profitability. Now that you can clearly see how you spend your time, a time clock app quickly reveals where you are wasting time and money. In a click, you can check your billable to non-billable ratio, so you can check where project budgets are being spent and you can ensure that you are working to your priorities.
  8. Increase productivity. Employees will be more productive when they have peace of mind that their working hours are being calculated correctly. When employees know their time and money is secure, they can focus their energy on their job, provide excellent customer service and perform at higher levels.

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Using a time clock app helps make your company faster, more secure and more efficient. Managers have more insight over their employee’s working hours and it just makes the daily grind easier. If you haven’t already tried a time clock app yet, Connecteam’s Time Clock App is the perfect fit. It’s easy to use, requires no training and is made especially for the deskless workforce. With Connecteam you can easily track and manage your employee’s working hours, improve your payroll process and collaborate instantly with your entire staff. Start enjoying the benefits now at just $29 a month for up to 200 users or $72 a month for up to 200 users – sign up for your free 21 day trial now.

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