Apps For Parents To Monitor Their Kids

Whether it’s about timing of your kids coaching class which is not matching up with your office schedule or their other activities for which you are not fully prepared – parents are always worried about them. Thanks to the latest technologies which are providing us the fruitful applications for monitoring their each activity.

Have you ever used any of them? Well if not, it is the best time to adopt such applications and start monitoring your kids activities. Here are some applications which can be very useful in tracking your entire family so that you can keep them away from a big trouble.

Find My Kids

If you have Find My Kids applications is installed over your cell phone, you don’t have to worry about your children’s safety. You can download this iOS and Android compatible app over your kid’s mobile or GPS-watch. You don’t have to call them again and again as you will get notified once they will reach home back from tuition class or school.

Parents can also check their accurate movements history such as where they walked and which path they took for reaching school. This GPS tracker app will notify you with all their visited places. Suppose if your child is in a trouble, or they can’t call you, you follow the app records to reach them. It also contains data about the time they spent at a particular place.

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You can listen all the happening around your kid. If they are in some bad companies, you can track them down and get them out of it. The best part about this app is it works even in the silent mode. If your kid is not picking up your call, you can send them loud signals. It also avails an SOS feature to track down your kid in case of any emergency.

Zift/Net Nanny

Zift/Net Nanny application for the tracking your kid has the awesome web-filtering technology. It has given modern and classy design and also has the close feature parity among the Android and IOS platform. Its IOS version features working will not be affected by the latest update of IOS policies.

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Parents can track the live location of their kid with Net Nanny and can also check their location history. Time allowance and schedules can also be set up in both versions. Its Android version can block all the unwanted apps from the child’s phone whereas IOS can block most of the apps but not all. It has only one disadvantage that it cannot monitor the calls and messages. Most of the android apps can perform call/SMS monitoring.

Kidgy App

Kidgy app is designed to help out the parents to keep an eye on their kids remotely. No-go areas can also be set with the help of the virtual map for the security purpose of the kids. There is a button name “Panic” which alerts the parents about the child’s current location.  When kid clicks on this button a notification will be sent to the parents immediately.

Parents can monitor child’s each and every online activity like the websites or social media. Both free and paid versions are available for this application. Its free version allows you to enjoy features like Geolocation, GPS tracking, Panic button or task manager. Whereas in the paid version, you to monitor online activities, calls, SMS, contacts, etc. It costs you $9.99/month. It is a good deal for kid security.

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Qustodio has a number of features and services except getting the live location of the child. It allows parents to parents to block unwanted websites, videos and games. This filter makes this application better than others. But this filter works properly for the computer systems, not for mobiles but you can set the mobile usage limit.

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You can limit the internet usage on the kid’s mobile phone. Once the app is installed, you can also track the calls, contacts, messages of the kid. It provides an amazing feature that when your child receives an SMS with the text “don’t tell” or “give your contact number” then you will get an instant notification.

It also provides a “Panic” button just like in the above-mentioned app which can be used when the child is in danger. It has lack points also like you internet features do not work properly on the mobile phones and you cannot take screenshots of child’s activity.

Now, you must have a clear picture of these digital applications and their features in providing security for your family. So, using them in your family environment is the best practice to keep your beloved safe. Install them now, and make your first move towards the self-awareness.

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