Audials Radio – Completely Free Unlimited Entertainment [Review]

Imagine for a second that you had over 100,000 radio stations (top country-specific radio stations included), 260,000 podcasts available to you and that with just a click of a button you were able to record it all without a hassle and that you could listen back to it all at a later time. Wouldn’t that be one of the most amazing apps (and deals) that you could ever think of? Well, it’s actually an existing app available today and it is called Audials Radio.

While working, I can honestly admit that I am addicted to music or anything that can keep my focus and inspiration sky high. Downloading Audials Radio to my phone has been one of the best things I have done. I know this might sound like a blabbering advertisement, however, I can wholeheartedly stand by this app without cutting corners.

One of the reasons for this, perhaps one of the main ones, is that using Audials Radio is a much better experience than I get from any of the radio stations I have saved in my car. This because Audials Radio is completely free of commercials. How’s that for uninterrupted inspiration?

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Audials Radio – The Team Knows What The Audience Wants

From a product and service perspective, Audials Radio knows what the audience wants. Sure, in today’s harsh competition revenue has to come from somewhere and ads are usually the way to keep a service free. However, Audials Radio knows that putting commercials in between songs is not a great solution as it takes away from the immersive experience of listening to songs or podcasts, thus they don’t.

As easy as it would be to crunch it down and bless this app because it’s free, it’s not the only reason why this app is a must for anyone looking to enjoy music or podcasts. It also comes down to the fact that it’s super easy to use.

The user interface is minimalistic and easy to understand and searching for your favorite music is as simple as searching for something on Google. Simply choose a category, genre, artist or even a country and you will get straight to what you are looking for.

The newest version has an entirely new Dashboard and now includes a whole lot more customization options.

Audials Radio Knows What You Like

One feature that I specifically like is the way the app continuously analyzes what kind of music you like based on the songs that you favorite. After a while, it almost feels like the app knows exactly what I am looking for at specific times.

This further makes the app a relief to use as I know that when I start it, I don’t have to continuously search for the right kind of music that my inspiration needs. It’s all there hiding in my favorites and the app has an algorithm that allows it to send me relevant suggestions that I actually like.

Features For Days – The Power Of Continuous Development

What should also be said is that development team behind Audials Radio is extremely active and with each new version released they introduce even more life-changing features.

However, listing and describing every single great feature available in the Audials Radio app would make this article factually boring as we know you just want to get started using it.

Therefore, we have compiled a list below of the most prominent and best features this app has to offer, for your convenience. As you know, we here at Bit Rebels are keen to make sure you get up and running as fast as possible while still knowing exactly what you download. So, here we go! Here are a few features that we know you are going to love.

  • 100,000 available radio stations, including country-specific top radio stations.
  • 260,000 podcasts. (And growing – Insane!)
  • Ability to record whatever you want straight down to your smartphone in order to listen to it at a later time.
  • No ads and no in-app purchases. Audials does not display any banner ads in the app, nor does it play commercials.
  • 120 genres – Whether you like Pop (25,000 radios), Rock (18,000 radios), Gospel (3,000 radios) or Country (3,000 radios), Audials has you covered.

Useful Bonus Features

  • Chromecast
  • Clock radio
  • Sleep Timer
  • Equalizer
  • Android Auto
  • SD card and cloud manager
  • Wireless music syncing via Audials Anywhere
  • AirPlay

Audials Radio – Conclusion

As a guy addicted to music, I can’t but truly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to listen to music without commercials and without having to pay an arm and a leg for a subscription. The greatest feature of all is definitely the way you seamlessly and effortlessly can browse genres, artists and pick exactly what you like in seconds. This is no doubt a must-have app for your smartphone.

The Audials Radio app is available for iOS and Android and, as stated before, it’s completely free.

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