Serendip Social Music Radio App Is Based On Your Social Stream

One of my favorite parts of scanning my facebook feed is picking up on the great videos that people post. Along with the adorable kittens that haz cheezburgers, there is also a lot of great music. Until I saw Serendip, I never really thought about how to tap into my social network so I could just hear the music that my friends were playing and listening too. I also never thought about how there are other people out there that I could connect with who have musical tastes I love.

Enter Serendip – It is a great new social music service which gives you a whole new way to discover and listen to music based on the best source possible, the people who you know (and even some who you don’t).

It’s like being able to get your friends to fill up your playlists. Serendip was built on social music sharing, and the songs that originate from publicly available sources such as YouTube, Bandcamp, Vimeo, and SoundCloud – so there is never any worry about pirating. What it essentially does is plug into your social network and create a radio station based on the music your friends (and their friends) like. It gets even better because they created MyMusicSoulMates so you can meet new people based on your shared love of Bob Marley or Justin Bieber.

Serendip collects all music related posts publicly shared on Facebook and Twitter and indexes them along with the people who shared them which basically turns every user on Facebook and Twitter who actively shares music into a DJ. It seems that there are more than 25 million DJs currently registered in the Serendip databases. It is super easy to discover DJs who match my interests, follow them and enjoy a personally curated playlist based on the music they share. I also enjoy my Serendip experience because it keeps suggesting new DJs for me to follow. The service uses a smart algorithm to suggest new DJs based on multiple factors, including musical taste, social connections and more. When I find a DJ I like, I can easily follow him or her, so it turns into its own social media platform like twitter, but just for music.

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