Best Apps For Rideshare Drivers – Navigation, Mile Tracker, App Switcher

If you are a rideshare driver, then you will need at least five specific apps apart from the rideshare platform. These apps will help in navigation, maintaining mileage and expenses, switching between apps and offering informative help for tourists.

This article will present my personal favorites, there are many more options available in each section, but I try to believe that my selection is the best since I am an Uber and Lyft driver for over 3.5 years and have gone through so many different apps until I filtered my selection down to these.

1. Navigation

The best app for rideshare drivers in the navigation section must be Waze. It is a social networking traffic planner, and it gives you both updated traffic as well as online icons of your network of friends and other Waze members. It provides locations of place traps, accidents, and places of importance such as gas stations. Since it is a social traffic app, subscribers are urged to participate and offer information about police traps and accidents as well as traffic saturation. (preferably by a passenger and not the driver). You can tap on a member’s icon and chat with them to find out more about road issues that might slow down traffic. You can read up on how Waze is becoming a major GPS navigation contender here.

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Another excellent GPS navigation app is obviously Google Maps, while it is not as user-friendly as Waze and is not a social network traffic app like Waze, it offers excellent driving instructions and provides a lot of information along the route you take.

2. Mile Tracker

Mile IQ is the best app for rideshare drivers in the mile tracking category, and while it allows for expense tracking too, it is even better when added to Intuit’s QuickBooks application.  Mile IQ enables drivers to successful record all miles driven in each period as well as helping to sort out your personal and business miles. Remember, you must track your miles, and you must record all your expenses to enjoy the full power of tax deductibles. You can read more about this nifty app on Wikipedia.

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3. Rideshare Expense Account Manager

In my opinion, nothing beats Intuit’s QuickBooks for managing your business. As rideshare driver, you are self-employed and must provide proper accounting for the end of the year tax reporting. This app will allow you to record and track every expense including home office expenses that apply to a self-employed driver. You can read more about this amazing app at Wikipedia.

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4. App Switcher

Mystro is the best app for rideshare drivers that drive for Uber and Lyft at the same time. This multi-platform switching app makes sure that rideshare driver zips between any gig app without having to tap on the phone screen, saving time and ensuring you operate the right app for the right client.

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5. Tourist Information

Perhaps one of the more interesting apps is Detour; this nice little package offers the best app for rideshare drivers seeking to impress their passengers with audio information abbot the area they are driving in. Check out the site for more informative details here.

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6. Spotify

Spotify is a wicked little app that gives rideshare drivers just about every type of music they possibly want to play for their passengers. Spotify membership costs only $10 a month, which is tax deductible too. At last check, Spotify has over 40 million songs, and they keep adding more songs consistently. Rideshare drivers can learn more about Spotify premium membership here.

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These are some of the best apps for rideshare drivers that can help them with driving, as well as make it easier to handle business expenses.

Author Bio: Aman Bhangoo is the co-founder of RidesharingForum who helps rideshare drivers and riders to find answers to their most pressing questions. With over 3.5 years of experience, Aman brings a vast amount of knowledge, style, and skills to help fellow drivers. He has given over 18,000 rides with Uber and more than 6,800 rides with Lyft. – Facebook, Twitter

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