No Money Required – The Best Free Photography Apps For Android

When mobile phones were first launched, they were simply used to make basic phone calls. However, with our continuous advancements in mobile technology, the abilities of these phones have skyrocketed. Including additions such as high-quality cameras which enable near-professional photography quality and downloadable apps, the vast majority of people now own a smartphone with Android being one of the world’s most influential and popular operating systems.

The addition of cameras onto mobile phones began a whole new era, and there are now countless free photography apps available for Android phones. Specifically designed to enhance and maximize the quality of your photographs, read on to discover the best apps you can download right now!


[pullquote]Perhaps the most well-known photo-sharing app in the world, Instagram has taken photography by storm.[/pullquote] Consistently one of Android’s most popular apps, Instagram will allow you to easily edit your photos with access to a vast array of filters and photo customization techniques. Offering optimum control over exactly how you want your photos to look, you’re then able to share your final creation with various social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

A truly stand-out app due to its outstanding photo-editing tools and ability to link to social media accounts, Instagram is a simple way to share high-quality photos with zero money and minimal effort.


An increasingly popular choice for serious, perhaps professional photographers looking to expand further from the filters of Instagram, VSCO Cam offers unparalleled photo-altering tools that will completely transform your photos by just using your Android phone.

Ideal for those who aren’t interested in the social-media-oriented fuss of gaining ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on photos, VSCO Cam simply offers an outlet to experiment and edit your photos like never before. In fact, brand new Sony smartphone camera technology provides a good accompaniment for this app, allowing you to create impressive photographs from the comfort of your own home.

However, for those who still wish to share their photos with the world of social media, VSCO Cam still offers you the option to post your creations through to Instagram and any other account you may have. Providing the best of both worlds, VSCO Cam is a truly versatile app whose photo-altering mechanisms are yet to be challenged.

Adobe Photoshop Express

When most of us hear the word ‘Photoshop,’ we automatically think of high-quality photo editing opportunities at a price. However, while the high-quality photo editing opportunities are 100% accurate with this app, you won’t have to pay a single penny for them as you would with the standard Photoshop program.

Giving you access to an unrivaled selection of expert editing features, such as image rendering, complexion blur, and blemish removal, Adobe Photoshop Express is the easiest way to professionally edit your photos without a price tag.

So, if you’re passionate about achieving high-quality photos, but aren’t sure which free photography apps are easy to use but still provide winning results, check out the above options and get ready to create expertly-defined photos within minutes!

Author Bio: Emma Jones is passionate about photography, creating a career as a wedding photographer who is also now branching out into family photo shoots. Emma shares some of her top photography tips online.

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