The Best Spanish Learning App For Beginners

Are you looking for ways to learn Spanish as a beginner? Research indicates that approximately 500 million people worldwide speak the Romance language fluently.

Moreover, at least 13% of the population in the US speak only Spanish. This makes Spanish one of the most frequently spoken non-English languages in the nation. The most efficient way to learn Spanish is via the best Spanish learning app.

Learning the Spanish language allows you to enjoy the benefits that come with learning a second language, such as:

  • Boosting critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Improving concentration and memory
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Heightening multi-tasking abilities
  • Expanding horizons to different ethnic cultures

If you’ve tried to learn Spanish as a beginner and it seems like a daunting process, count yourself lucky today. This article exposes the best app for learning Spanish to ensure you have an excellent understanding of the language.

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What Are The Best Apps For Learning Spanish As A Beginner?

According to in-depth cognitive research, the best way to learn Spanish is via real-world study. This involves reading, speaking, and listening. It also extends to using deliberate learning tools for vocabulary and grammar.

Still, some individuals have found resounding success with the best language learning apps out there.

Here are some of the top-notch Spanish language learning apps you should consider:


Babbel is a leading Spanish learning app that helps users learn new words while significantly improving their sentence structures and grammar skills. This unique Spanish language learning application offers a wide range of Spanish courses, and users can take these courses, depending on their interests and level.

Babbel is loaded with pre-recorded curriculum content based primarily on helping users develop conversational skills. Its short 10–15 minute Spanish lessons cater to even the busiest people.

This Spanish learning app is ideal for beginners as it also utilizes speech recognition technology. This helps users that are currently facing severe challenges with Spanish pronunciations.

According to Babbel, users can discuss practical but essential topics in Spanish within the first month of using the language learning application. However, as you may have guessed, this will depend considerably on consistent or unrelenting effort and the amount of time the user invests in learning the Spanish language.

Although Babbel offers the first Spanish language lesson free of charge, it’ll cost you $12.95 per month to subscribe for further lessons. However, you can beat down these monthly charges if you subscribe to the language learning application a few months in advance.


Duolingo is another Spanish learning application that makes learning the new language highly addictive and enjoyable by injecting gamified lessons into its curriculum.

The language learning app enables users to score points when they get the correct answers, level up, and even race against the clock. You can learn any of the 26 languages Duolingo features, with Spanish being the most popular of them all.

Duolingo helps users identify their personal learning goals. You may also indicate how many minutes you plan to commit to your Spanish lessons daily. The language learning app is known for its interactive Spanish exercises and provides feedback immediately to help you boost your new language skills.

The app also features lots of speaking, writing, reading, conversation practice, and listening to Spanish content.

Duolingo has a free version, but your learning experience will be interrupted with lots of ads. However, you may subscribe to Duolingo Plus at $9.99 per month to get the most of the learning app. This gets rid of the annoying ads while granting you access to some unique features.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the longest-established foreign language learning systems today. The learning application features courses in 24 foreign languages, including the renowned Spanish language.

This learning app may not be highly suitable for beginners as users dive right away into immersive methods—e.g., it offers zero translation—since it’s based primarily on real-world Spanish conversations.

This is where your instincts come into play in learning new concepts and words via this exceptional language learning method. This method involves the heavy use of phrases instead of the popular single-word vocabulary drills.

Rosetta Stone employs speech recognition technology that helps enhance your Spanish pronunciations. You’ll get immediate feedback during the lessons and learn how much progress you’ve made.

Additionally, Rosetta Stone features several challenges and games that ensure active learning at all times. There’s a free, 3-day trial; beyond this, you may have to subscribe to either the 3-month or 1-year subscription. They’re available at $11.00 per month and $6.99 per month, respectively.


MosaLingua is a language learning app that empowers you to learn Spanish phrases and vocabulary via a digital flashcard form.

As you make progress, the learning app reminds you of everything you’ve learned thus far. It’ll also prompt users to review all flashcards again in an excellently designed format to test their knowledge about the Spanish language.

MosaLingua offers several Spanish words across several situations and topics. Consistent users end up expressing themselves clearly in the Spanish language.


LingQ is a language learning application that progressively guides you through Spanish language study in the real world and in real-time.

This unique feature will always spur users to learn new Spanish phrases/vocabulary in context. The app also offers thousands of hours of in-depth Spanish Audio Lessons, complete with matching transcripts.

LingQ lets users listen to Spanish lessons and read at their own pace. Users can also adjust the difficulty level until it suits their ability levels.

Additionally, users can import their personal Spanish-based content onto the application. They can then convert their personalized Spanish content into highly interactive lessons.


As you can see, there are several Spanish language learning applications to choose from if you want to learn the language as a beginner. The truth is that no single language learning app can easily replace entire language learning journeys.

However, the information shared in this guide should help you make an informed decision when looking for the best Spanish learning app for beginners. You can consider using any of the Spanish learning apps highlighted in this article and be on your way to becoming a Spanish-speaking pro.

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