Bump: Instantly Exchange Virtual Business Cards With A Fist Bump

I have to say that when it comes to business cards, the options are as many as there are stars on the night sky. Business cards have long been the only way to exchange contact information in a fast and straight forward way. We could call it an optimized analog way of connecting. With the introduction of smartphones into our lives, we have come to a point where that is no longer a necessity. A lot of people exchange email addresses instead, or even connect through one of the many social media networking services at our disposal. But if you don’t want to have to login to your social profile every time you want to connect with someone, you should utilize the growing popularity of virtual business card applications.

There are a few applications out there that deal with virtual business cards, but few are as fun and “innovative” as an application called Bump. This application approaches virtual business cards a whole lot differently than all the other applications. Bump is actually a picture sharing application with a built in business card feature that will have you fist bump your new connections (who also have the same application on their iPhone or Android) in order to exchange virtual business cards.

The application is free and could possibly make the exchange of business cards a whole lot more organized and streamlined. Of course the virtual business card information is instantly saved to your smartphone address book before the connection is complete. The only reason I can find for why people wouldn’t go all in using this application is that the app is needed by both people who are exchanging contact information. But with a growing user base, the chances that you will be able to exchange virtual business cards with the person you just met is increasingly high. I strongly encourage you to download and try the Bump app since it is free, and it could make sharing virtual business cards a whole lot more fun.

Bump – Virtual Business Card Application