How To Create Sleek Slideshows With Videoshop

After a holiday or travel trip, nothing captures the moments better than creating a slideshow. iPhone owners have it even better; there are numerous ways of personalizing this experience to fit your lifestyle and needs. Videoshop creates stunning slideshows which can be shared across social media platforms with friends and family. Once saved on your iPhone, these photo galleries all available anywhere with incredible convenience.

There is a dozen of picture slideshow apps available in the App Store but this one is designed to exude powerful features without disappointing the least bit. Users are at liberty to categorize these shows into various subjects such as weddings, birthdays, and much more.Create Slideshows Videoshop Article Image


How To Use Videoshop

Right from its thoughtful movie icon, this app shows its proficiency in transforming photos and videos. YouTube vloggers will find it invaluable due to the expansive feature set, all customizable to personal liking.

New users are greeted with an engaging screen displaying all projects on your iPhone. If you wish to proceed with these projects, just tap on the album’s icon; this shows all your footage. The green camera icon is used to take images and video directly before editing.

 Importing Video Clips

Even as Videoshop allows you the freedom to import, the footage must come from a compatible app. Typically, all iPhone footage is stored in ‘Camera Roll’ unless where set otherwise. Selecting desired photos and videos is as easy as tapping on them!

There are separate photo and video tabs to help with even better organization.

Navigating The Main Work Area

Once favorite images and videos are selected, Videoshop takes you to a neat working area; from here, you can achieve the unthinkable. A visual timeline representation marks the top of your screen, showing all programs available to you.

Immediately below, users can manipulate sounds, music, titles, effects, and many other features. The preview area brings all your efforts into action, showing where you need to focus your attention on. It is a whole lot easier to make effective slideshow changes this way.

A list of 20+ tools including the merger, voice over, stop motion, resize, and much more can be accessed by quickly flicking right or left. Each feature is further composed of countless options to make the experience truly personal.

Adding Transitions

Videoshop will cut from one image to another when used in default mode. While this may suit users who value discreetness, there are many options to add pomp and versatility. There are several flashy transitions accessible from the library, all of which can run concurrently.

The ‘TranX’ button on your menu displays all available transitions as well as their compatibility with your images. All changes are applied towards the end of each video or picture; there are suggestions to make your choice easier.

To help you work through transitions much faster, Videoshop places the transition clip conveniently at the bottom of your screen. There is no limit to the number of transitions usable.

Trimming Clips

Often time, you only need a section of your video footage to use in a compelling slideshow. A shaky camera, for instance, will render the first few moments of your footage unsuitable for your slideshow. By pressing the clip at the bottom of your screen (library), it turns blue and is ready for trimming.

Blue indicators are easy to use when trimming the footage, making it as accurate as can be; you just have to highlight just as you would when copying text. When the desired segment is selected, use the ‘scissor’ button to cut the rest of the unwanted footage off.

With your desired clip in hand, you can follow through with the tutorial to make the most use of each feature. When used in the right measure, your slideshows will be outstanding and a marvel to look at!

As You Leave

Have you been making full use of the slideshow features in your iPhone app? You now know how to best go about it. Creating memorable slideshows will eventually grow into something of high sentimental value as the years go by. Investing time and effort in them is totally worth it.

We would love to hear more about your slideshow experience and how you wish to improve it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Our greatest pleasure is in serving you to your satisfaction.

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