Dances iPhone App: Modern Dance Meets Digital World

For the first time ever, a free app which exclusively highlights dance is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in the App Store. It’s called “Dances for an iPhone,” and although I’m not much of a dancer, after checking it out in more detail, I found it to be very well put together and truly inspiring.

According to Elite Dance, “The app represents a new way to distribute dance, with the potential to introduce dance to a new public, in every country of the world.” The current version available is Volume 1, and it features six different movies with five dancers. The movies include “Children and Art,” “Four Love Notes,” “Homage to Fellini,” “Suite Dansante en Jazz: Waltz,” “Nocturne Op. 107,” and “Glider Pt. 1” (which is from The Thomas Crown Affair).

The app, which was created, choreographed and produced by Richard Daniels, allows the user to interactively choose from each of these short dance movies. Each dance lasts about three to five minutes, which in my opinion, is long enough to be interesting, yet short enough to keep our attention span. The app will be updated periodically, and there are seven new performances in production right now. You can learn more about this app on Dances For An iPhone or just click over to iTunes and download it for free.

Modern Dance Meets Digital World

Modern Dance Meets Digital World

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