Dating App For Ladies To Review & Rate How Date-Worthy A Guy Is

Forget being sponge-worthy because first a guy has to be date-worthy, right? This dating app can help you decide that. I just wrote an article last week about how single people use technology in the dating process which included stats from a study. According to their research, 48% of women research a guy online before accepting the first date.

How do we go about that research process? Well, we Google the guy, we ask our Facebook friends about him, and we use all the technology available to us to find out what we can, and to get the opinions of other ladies he has dated. After all, if he’s typically rude, if he leaves bad tips, if he doesn’t fight fair or even if he’s a selfish lover, we would like to know about it before we plan the first date so we know what we’re getting ourselves into.

This dating app for women called Lulu is designed to streamline that research process. It’s an app where you can get and leave private recommendations and reviews about specific guys. Guys, you don’t have to worry about your reputations getting slammed on this app either, well, unless you’re a real jerk. This dating app has a review system that won’t allow any comments like, “He has a tiny —” or “He gave me and all the girls in a ten mile radius Chlamydia.” It’s not a place for ex-girlfriends to release some steam, instead, it’s a place for real, helpful information.

You can use this dating app anonymously if you like. It is designed to respect your privacy in every way. So, guys, here is another reason for you to maintain your gentlemanly behavior. You may already be listed on Lulu, and I’m sure you want high ratings. You can get Lulu for free on iTunes.

Lulu – Dating App For Ladies To Research Men Before A Date



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    Bartlet 9 years

    Diana what do you thing how would the feminist community react if there was an app for “private recommendations and reviews about specific girls”?

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    Lulu is essentially a virtual response to the old bathroom wall. Everything from how often he pays for dinner to how wild he is in bed. Not to mention a bunch of personal information from Facebook a lot of guys may not want shared. And since they don’t know its been downloaded, this data is going to stay in Lulu’s database until Lulu merges, goes bankrupt, or gets sued. Lulu promotes anonymity. But in their terms and conditions, they require you to get the permission from every person you rate. In other words, they are advertising one thing, then trying to cover their asses with making you legally responsible if the guy you upload decides he doesn’t like his personal data distributed around.