Dos And Don’t Of Replying To App Reviews

App developers should monitor user feedback closely. Reviews in the App Store and Google Play affect the number of downloads, brand image, and the bottom line. Feedback management is a task that must be taken seriously.

Your customers want to feel heard and valued. Show them you care about their impressions through prompt, concise, and effective replies. With the Appfollow app review management software, this is so much easier. Such systems allow companies to streamline their responses and avoid typical blunders.

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Rule 1 – Be Concise And Focused

Keep your replies concise and comprehensive at the same time. Stick to the point. Make sure you address the issues highlighted in the user’s comment, and all the information is relevant. Otherwise, you will come across as sloppy and unreliable. Thank customers for using your app regardless of their opinion.

Rule 2 – Respond To Positive And Negative Feedback

Ignoring praise is a common mistake. Too many companies feel tempted to tackle criticism, while they should be replying to any feedback. Tell users who love your app that you appreciate their opinions, and let critics know you are improving the app. This way, supporters will feel encouraged to continue using the app (and praising it), while skeptics may turn into fans.

If a review is negative, never argue. Even when the user is in the wrong, their feelings must be acknowledged. Apologize if there is a bug and never argue. Appease the situation, do not exacerbate it.

Rule 3 – Report Inappropriate Reviews

While arguing with commenters is wrong, this does not mean that spam and offensive language should go unnoticed. Reviews that violate the Google and Apple community guidelines must be reported. These users may also be harassing other targets, so don’t be silent.

Do Not Ask For Higher Rating

If you think your app does not deserve its poor rating, do not pressure users into changing their comments. Such obvious attempts backfire. Your brand will look desperate or even scammy. Including marketing language in responses is another blunder. Users should not feel that you are selling them something all the time.

The only exception is when the review is favorable, while the rating is low. In case of such discrepancies, ask the author to clarify their opinion. They will be notified of your response, so they will possibly add more stars.

Do Not Include Private Information

Each user must be addressed personally, but this is not an excuse for releasing private details like full name or email address. Be careful and protect your users’ privacy, as well as your own. Address commenters by their username, however ridiculous it is.

All Feedback Matters

Every review is an opportunity. The app store is a perfect platform where you can reinforce your brand and expand your reach. Feedback is crucial for guiding consumer behavior in the right direction. If you want more people to download, use and recommend your app, respond to all comments with grace.

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