How High Can You Throw Your iPhone? [Banned App]

Throughout the years, there have been quite a few apps that have been banned from the App Store. Usually it has to do with features not working or the app rerouting private user information. That’s a big no no and usually leads to applications being banned. Recently, there have been other reasons for banning apps. As odd as it may sound (not really), when you create an app that measures how high you can throw your iPhone, apparently Apple doesn’t like it.

The application in question is called Send Me To Heaven, and it’s probably one of the most notoriously idiotic apps you could have previously download from the App Store. There’s no doubt a reason why Apple banned it from their store, but with the publicity that it’s now getting, people are going to want to check it out.

If you think about it, if you decide to check out how high you can throw your iPhone, well, you don’t even deserve an iPhone or a smartphone. That’s at least true according to Apple, who banned the app as soon as people started complaining about their iPhones breaking when they weren’t caught on the way down. Imagine that, huh? Let’s just say if you’re stupid enough to even want to see how high you can throw your smartphone, maybe you shouldn’t have a smartphone in the first case. Start playing sports instead, just a thought.

Apple’s motivation for banning the app was because it was “encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.” The interesting part is that the app is still available to Android users in the Play Store. Apparently Google doesn’t share the same opinion about a game that challenges you to see how high you can throw your smartphone.

People always come up with the most unearthly ideas for apps, and this one, even though it’s ultimately stupid, is as creative as any other application available. It just doesn’t fit the device it is installed on. What do you think? [Disclaimer: It’s ultimately idiotic to throw your smartphone into the air, and it will most likely cause it to break. Don’t do it!]

How High Can You Throw Your Smartphone?