Hudway: Free Ultra-Cool Windshield Navigation Projection iOS App

We have all seen it, and no doubt it should be a safety feature that should come standard in all new cars. I am talking about the windshield projection feature that many developers are refining and optimizing right now. Usually you will pay a hefty price when incorporating the feature in your car as it includes a projector as well. But, the developers behind Hudway have come up with a workaround to the problem and it is easier than you could ever imagine.

Hudway was developed by Rit LLC and is one of those really interesting iOS apps that you have to see to believe. To have a heads-up projected navigation map on your windshield has been proven to be a huge increase in driver safety. This app aims to become the cheapest way to incorporate this feature in your car without having to go through complicated projector setups etc. My initial reaction was that I was truly impressed.

Sure, Hudway isn’t the most optimal way to display directions on your windshield when it is sunny outside, but it still makes sense. Hudway is best optimized when driving in somewhat darker conditions. What makes this app further appealing is that it also displays speed and distance to your destination. The projected image is refined for easy reading, therefore, does not implement a lot of unnecessary information that you really don’t need.

This app is completely free and can of course be used on any iOS device, or so I think. I know for a fact that Hudway can be used on iPhones and iPads. However, by the looks of it, using an iPad is to be preferred as the projected image will be so much larger and thus easier to read.

Innovative apps like Hudway deserve some spotlight as they will increase traffic safety, and also incorporate a little bit of the future into your car even though it is not the most ultimate and optimized way to get a heads-up display on your windshield. We definitely recommend you download and try this app. Who knows, you might find that it is the ultimate navigation display system for you.

Hudway – Free Projected Navigation Heads-Up Display App

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Hudway Windshield Projection System

Hudway Windshield Projection System

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