Powerful Image Editing Software – Get The Best Edited Photos In Your Browser

There are times when you wouldn’t want to take the hassles of downloading a program just to give few pictures a bit of enhancement. For such occasions when you wish to improve a few snaps, a rather better option would be a free online photo editor. You may expect these browser-based editors to be nothing but simple Instagram affairs but you will be stunned to believe that they too have few image-enhancing features in them which can change the entire look of your picture.

Such online photo editors can be used in majority of the modern web browsers but flash-based editors will not work in such mobile browsers. You will require an HTML-5 based editor in case you wish to improve your pictures from your desktop. Let’s take a quick look at the best free apps designed for the device.

1. Pixlr Editor

This is one of the best free online editors which has got masks, layers and even more than that. Are you a casual photographer who is looking for the most creative tool? While majority of the free editing tools are like Instagram which let you add filters to the photos but Pixlr Editor is much different. You just need to have a constant and fast internet connection in order to use this powerful free desktop photo editor. Once you load a photo, you will get access to the different masks, layers, selection tools and everything else that you can expect from such a tool.

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2. Retouch Me

If you’re someone who is a novice and who doesn’t have retouching and photo editing skills, you should opt for Retouch Me app as this is one of the greatest online solutions for editing pictures. You are not asked to know anything apart from uploading the picture in the software. Within few minutes, you can retouch your picture and get a new picture with better features. With Retouch Me, you can choose to do body retouching, retouching of the face and you can even alter the background of the picture.

3. Fotor

This is a rather fun free photo editor that you get online and that is especially good for bringing life to portraits before you share them on social media. The Fotor desktop software is free of cost and its online editor is also incredible. The only fact about Fotor is that the maximum file size that you can upload is 8MB but the editor is kind enough to let you resize pictures even when they’re too large. As their interface looks interesting, this is one of those best tools for photo lovers to get an instant boost to lackluster photos.

4. FotoFlexer

This is a rather excellent photo editor which has got advanced tools which can offer you support for layering and give a bright new look to your photos. FotoFlexer may look dated but once you give a chance, you will see that is a rather interesting online photo editor which is perfect for layers for complicated work with the use of multiple images. All you need to do is to upload a photo and you will be rather presented with an interface that’s tabbed. This Basic tab will contain all that you need like cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating and adjusting the contrast.

Therefore, now that you know the names of the best photo editing software based on your browser, you can easily choose any of them for editing your photos in the best possible way. The effects will transform your picture into a rather impressive one before sharing it on the social media.

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