EaseUS Partition Master – A Handy Disk Partition Tool For Windows

The proper management of disk partitions on your Windows device can provide more efficient storage of data and files on your system. What is essential for optimizing your partitions is a trustworthy disk partition management tool that works seamlessly without damaging your existing data. EaseUS Partition Master is one such tool that provides the users the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the disk partitions or to merge them as per their requirements.

[pullquote]What is more, these amazing features are offered by the free version of the software, all you need to do is simply download and install the tool to customize your PC’s partitions in a matter of minutes![/pullquote]

Fully compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10, this partition tool provides various options to customize the partitions of the disks on your computer. Once installed on the system, the application can be launched to access the user interface that displays all the options supported by the installed version.

The UI is intuitive and clean and clearly displays all the available partitions on the system so that the user may select the one they wish to modify. For example, if you wish to increase the size of a partition then you will need to click on the partition and select the resize option from the toolbar. This will pop up a window that will show the current size of the partition and will ask you to enter the new size. You simply need to enter the desired size and press OK, the tool will get the rest of the job done for you in no time!

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Other actions such as shrinking a partition, formatting a partition, or merging two partitions can be performed in a similar manner and with equal ease. There are also options to clone the partitions from one drive to another or to clone an entire disk, which may come in handy while modifying the data organization on your PC or creating a backup of your files. The partition manager also provides useful features for changing the labels of the drives and changing the file system of a partition e.g. from NTFS to FAT.

Additionally, the tool also comes with a Partition Recovery Wizard that allows the recovery of all deleted or lost partitions on the unallocated space of the hard disk. All the options are easy to use and EaseUS Partition Master is definitely a very reliable tool, therefore, the risk of losing your precious data is completely eliminated.

On top of the exhaustive list of free features provided by the EaseUS Partition Master Free, the EaseUS Partition Master Pro comes with a variety of additional capabilities that are suitable for business usage. These include migration of OS to SSD/HDD, support for Windows Storage Spaces, and the resizing of a dynamic volume, to name a few.

The Pro version also provides free tech support to handle all your queries and concerns regarding the partition tool. The great news is that EaseUS is currently hosting a giveaway that provides the opportunity to download this wonderful software for free! This is one tool that all Windows users must try out to optimize and improve the partition management on their computer, without any hassles or loss of data.

EaseUS Partition Master – A Handy Disk Partition Tool For Windows

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