Proximity App Auto Locks Your MacBook When You Step Away From It

One common annoyance that all MacBook users have experienced is the inability to smart lock the computer when you leave your desk for a second. Sure, you can lock it yourself, but that also means you have to unlock it once you get back again. We also have the screensaver which could lock the computer, but there is always a window of opportunity for prying eyes if you choose that approach. There is simply no seamless way integrated into the MacBook that will allow you to lock it without having to unlock it or worry about it, until now. The new Keycard proximity app will auto lock your MacBook when you get a certain preset distance away from your computer. This proximity app allows for an impressive seamless lock/unlock process.

The Keycard proximity app can be downloaded to your MacBook and iPhone from the App Store right now. It’s when your iPhone gets a certain distance from your MacBook that it either unlocks or locks your computer. It is said that as much as 97% of all iPhone users have their iPhone within 3 feet of them 24-hours a day. That statistic alone suggests that this proximity app will be a huge success.

No longer will you need to lock and unlock your computer manually. The Keycard proximity app does that automatically when you get close or walk out of the preset distance from your computer. Furthermore, if you want to make it even harder for people to crack your lock, you can add a 4-digit code to unlock it. That is, if you are close enough with your own iPhone, which of course means your MacBooc is probably as safe as it can be. The app costs $6.99 right now and can be bought and downloaded from the App Store. I am going to try this solution, and I hope it doesn’t close or stop any programs running. That way, it would be the ultimate solution for any developer.

Keycard – Proximity App Lock For MacBook & iPhone