ReelSonar Fishing App: Now There’s No Excuse Not To Catch The Big One

We use our smartphones for just about everything these days, but one thing I thought was still forbidden is taking it out on the water. If you drop your phone in a lake or ocean, even a bag of rice probably won’t bring it back to life. It seems there is also a place for smartphones out on the water after all, at least when you’re fishing. The ReelSonar fishing system and fishing app will have you catching fish like a pro almost instantly.

Some people might say this takes the fun out of fishing. I disagree. I’ve been fishing many times, and I’m not a big fan of standing there waiting for a fish to bite the line. You could stand there for hours, and don’t even get me started on baiting the hook with those squirmy worms. This fishing app will change some of that though. Suddenly fishing has gone high tech. Basically the way it works is an ultrasonic buoy uses your smartphone to locate fish via a fishing app. In other words, it’s a fish finder. Those little suckers won’t be able to hide from you anymore.

According to Dvice, “The device contains an ultrasound transducer to analyze the underwater sea, delivering ultrasonic resolution of the area at a rate of about four frames per second. The ReelSonar Smart Bobber, which has a battery that lasts about eight hours, then sends that information back in real-time to the ReelSonar app on your mobile device via Bluetooth.” The creators of this fishing system plan to have it all ready for purchase by the summer. They are currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. They want to raise $70,000 in the next 23 days. Right now they’re at $4,444. I hope they achieve their goal. Good luck!

ReelSonar Fishing System & Fishing App Will Let You Fish Like A Pro



Via: [Dvice]