Safety Tips For Downloading Mobile App

Apps have become a staple part of our mobile phone experience, and in most cases, our devices are brimming with everything that makes our lives easier and more fun. We use them for our social network platforms, chatting with friends, exercise, diet regimes, directions, the weather, and of course games.

However, we are all prone to clicking “Agree” to quickly install an app, without reading the required text first. You can thus end up with malware and viruses, be the victim of identity theft, or even cyberbullying. Most of the time there are no issues, but in order not to risk grave consequences, let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you stay safe when downloading your favorite software.

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Read Everything Thoroughly

The fine print hides vital information and even though we are aware of that, we gladly skip the almost illegible dense content. On the other hand, those who take the time to go through this information will be able to see that most apps have access to your age, date of birth, location, age, or telephone number. The developers of the app might not have arranged it with malintent, but who knows which hacking masters are tapping into their databases for information.

You might agree to allow the app to publish whatever you type in or to send notifications to you or your friends or contacts. Most often this is for marketing purposes only, but why take unnecessary risks?

Careful With Freebies

More often than not, we are on the quest to find a new game to enjoy on the go. Seeing that a game that looks appealing is free makes us click on “install” faster than we can read the ratings or think about the consequences. Firstly, not all games are appropriate for children. Renowned app stores provide insights related to content and whether there is violence, offensive language or sexual content present.

Apart from these unpleasant surprises, there are often in-app purchases or similar expenses that might have escaped your attention. However, it’s not always good to be skeptical either. Certain stereotypes related to casino games, for instance, deter people from downloading them, especially since casinos and money are very often associated with loss. However, in reality, online casinos have some of the best security available.

The global industry earns a lot of money and it is in its best interest to maintain a good, honest reputation. These games are some of the safest out there and punters shouldn’t be afraid to give some free online slots a go at any reputable online establishment.

Offload Unused Apps

Let us consider what happens when you don’t use an app for a while. Believe it or not, they don’t have to be running to cause damage. Once you forget about them, they will just stay idle in the background quietly gathering information. So, that exercise app you’re no longer using or that Instagram addition you haven’t visited in months is not only taking up space, but tirelessly working through your phone’s data. A little spring cleaning goes a long way.

Use Recognized Stores

A less reputable or unknown source may leave you vulnerable to all kinds of threats. This is what could happen – a copycat app is made to resemble a popular, paid-for app, illegitimate elements are added and it is then offered to a certain target audience on peer-to-peer networks for example. Once you make the mistake of installing it, hackers behind it have access to your device and go as far as making calls, incurring charges without your permission (or knowledge) or send texts and voicemail messages.

These threats have been engineered to do their bidding in secret for a while, so you’ll probably get suspicious once it is already too late. With that being said, downloading from official stores is ultimately your best course of action.

Mobile technology has enabled us to get hold of anything we need almost instantly. While this is so wonderfully convenient, it takes a toll on our attention span as well as our patience. With so much on offer at our fingertips, it’s easier to go with “What’s the worst that can happen?” than to really consider what we are integrating into our devices. Rushing into downloads is hardly worth the aggravation we might have the misfortune to experience due to our own neglect. Slow down and read the fine print. You won’t ever regret it.

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