Speakly Is Revolutionizing Language Learning [Review]

Can you imagine speaking a totally new language in 4 months? Not just “Hi!” or “The check, please”, but truly feeling fluent and free in expressing yourself in any kind of situation?

Does that sound too good to be true? It probably does and it’s totally understandable because today it’s still normal for somebody to study a language for years and not be able to speak it properly. You have probably experienced it yourself, how the majority of language learning solutions are either based on traditional methodologies or focus solely on teaching individual words, and don’t prepare you for real-life conversations.

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Revolutionizing Language Learning

Speakly is a London-based language learning start-up that was created by two language learning enthusiasts – Ott Ojamets and Ingel Keskpaik – who had been searching for the best ways of acquiring a language for years by studying languages by themselves. Both of them are polyglots, speaking 6 languages each.

Ott is a firm believer that language learning today is an outdated field that needs rapid change and that the majority of people are learning using incredibly outdated methodologies. “We are using high-end technology for everything else in our lives, but the majority of people are still learning languages like we did a few centuries ago,” he says, adding “but it doesn’t have to be like that, because the techniques for learning a language in a matter of months already exist and Speakly brings them directly to your phone and computer”.

After 3 years of studies on more than 1,500 real learners, we are finally ready to get you to fluency in record-speed and we are really excited about the results that are coming in from our users,” he adds.

But to make a real positive change in people’s lives, we need to change the status quo. [pullquote]The reality is that the percentage of language learning that takes place offline (in traditional language schools, etc.) is still 90%, despite it being highly inefficient.[/pullquote] The problem is that people are not aware that better and more innovative, scientific solutions exist, and we have to work hard to get the word out there and make a difference for everybody trying to learn a new language but struggling with mediocre results.

Language learning is an incredibly important topic in today’s interconnected world. Ott is convinced that with solutions like Speakly it’s possible to learn 4 to 5 foreign languages during one’s time at high-school or university. Or a working professional being able to integrate into a new language environment in only a matter of months. That in turn would create a much more interconnected world and society.

About some of the latest developments as well to everybody who want to join their movement. They just launched an Indiegogo campaign a few days ago and an investment round in Seedrs.

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