8 Apps To Help You Survive The End Of The World [Infographic]

I guess we should live it up today since according to the Mayan calendar, this is our last full day alive on earth. One of our guest authors, Ben Warner, just wrote an article here on Bit Rebels about that yesterday, and it got me thinking about how I would spend my last day on earth if I had a choice. Like most people, I would probably spend all my last bit of time with the people I love. When you start thinking about it, it makes some of our daily priorities not seem very important after all. I don’t think the world is going to end tomorrow or anytime soon. However, if you do, I would like to suggest a few apps that might help you survive the end of the world, or a zombie apocalypse, or any other doomsday prediction.

This infographic called Operation: End Of The World Survival (by PGi.com) has 8 apps that might help you avoid your impending doom. The funny thing is, I already had some of these on my iPhone before I ever saw this. If you don’t have that flashlight app, I highly recommend it. I use it all the time. I really like the MapMyRun app too. I haven’t tried the First Aid app, but it seems like a no-brainer to check that one out. What we all really need is an app with a laser scanner on it that could get all the zombie junk out of a zombie bite (so we don’t turn into one) and close up our wound. Now that is an app that would really make me feel like I could survive the end of mankind as we know it. If you are really trying to survive the end of the world, I’m not sure these apps will actually save you, but they will definitely make sure you go out in techie style.

Survive The End Of The World

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Via: [Mashable]